June 12, 2008

Worry Free Dinner: Craftbar

I’ve been so busy this week that I’ve been remiss in my posting. On Sunday I had the pleasure of attending the third Worry Free Dinner. The wonderful staff at Craftbar worked with the wonderful Allergic Girl to create a special menu for us Special Diners where we could eat good food with out worries.

Craftbar created a wonderful menu that was gluten free, as well as being free of many other allergens. I chose to start with the mixed greens salad, followed by the dry-aged sirloin. We each had out own menus, on which we circled our selections and were able to write any other instructions, requests or concerns we might have. The chef and waiter were great, one of my fellow diners made mention of a caffeine intolerance and the waiter returned to tell her that the lentils in her selection were soaked in coffee. Now that’s paying attention.

The online health news network HealthCentral Network sponsored the event. A representative, Joy Buchanan came to speak with us and ask us questions. The network is interested in being of more use to celiacs and other gluten free folk. It was very nice to speak to someone so interested in our experiences, and to hear what we need or would like to be able to find on the internet as well.

As I have said before, it’s so nice to go out and get together with like-minded people. The company was fantastic, I met some very interesting people, and the food was superb. I don’t usually to get to indulge in meals this fancy. My budget is a little tight, and although my parents taught me to enjoy good food my boyfriend does not have such a discerning palette . . . yet. Even though the do not have a special gluten free menu I would feel absolutely confident dinning at Craftbar again. I know that the staff would listen and honor my needs.

We also got a great goodie bag of certified asthma and allergy friendly goodies. A pillow, pillow covers, a stuffed animal and teddy bear, a T-shirt and a Fast & Fit cook book, published by none other than Hatherleigh press where my friend used to work. Funny how everything comes around in a circle.

So a great big thank you to Allergic Girl and Craftbar for a great Worry Free Dinner!

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