February 23, 2008

Bob’s Red Mill Pancake Mix

I was never a fan of pancakes growing up, so I never really missed them when I went gluten free. However, my boyfriend likes to have bread and cottage cheese for breakfast, and I wouldn’t allow gluten containing bread in my house. To settle this dispute I decided to try making gluten free pancakes for us to share one Saturday morning.

I had previously experimented with making them from scratch and had decide that a mix was the way to go. I picked up Bob’s Red Mill gluten free pancake mix at my local organic store and decided to give it a try.

This mix is so easy that anyone, except maybe my boyfriend can make it. I just put an egg, some milk and the pancake mix into the blender and let her rip. I get four nice sized pancakes out of one batch and everybody loves them. My boyfriends family is from Ecuador, and had never had pancakes before, and now they wait expectantly every Saturday morning for me to get up and make them. Even our two gerbils love them.

I can say that these are better than the ones I had as a child, and they have awakened in me a new appreciation of pancakes. We like to have them with cottage cheese and maple syrup, but the few times I’ve made them with blueberries they’ve been just as good. The recipe thins out just as a regular pancake batter would and this summer I plan on experimenting with crepes to go with some of the great fresh fruit.

The mix itself is not only gluten free but egg and dairy free as well. It can be made with soymilk or water and the egg replacement of your choice.

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