February 23, 2008

NutriBiotic Vegan Rice Protein Powder

As I was trolling the shelves at Whole Foods for a protein shake mix that didn’t contain oat bran I found this NutiriBiotic vegan rice protein powder. It clearly says on the label that it doesn’t contain and wheat, gluten or animal products. It’s hard enough to find a shake mix that is gluten free I decided to try it. Whole Foods has a return policy on this type of product, so I knew that if I really couldn’t stand it I could bring it back.

This stuff is packed with protein; in 1 tablespoon it has 12g of protein and 2.4g of carbohydrates. Now, it’s nutritional value saved it from being returned right away. I always choose chocolate flavor of anything to begin with and this reminded me of my torturous days in the summer camp wood shop. When mixed with water it didn’t taste like much, palatable but not anything to look forward to.

The label suggests that this powder can be added to any of your cooking, that it will mix right in and add a dose of protein. When I mix 1 scoop of this with my usual protein shake I barely notice the difference and get more protein into my stripped down diet. I expect that the plain or vanilla flavors would be especially easy to hide in other foods to add protein.

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