November 4, 2008

i voted

This morning I woke up, waited for my turn for the shower, blessedly warm this morning, dressed, ate breakfast with a groggy looking Trainer and left the house. I walked up 89th Street to the corner of 32nd. But instead of passing by good 'ole PS 148 I took a detour. Up the steps, through the huge doors and into the elementary school. Irresistibly I was drawn by the "VOTE HERE" signs.

I haven't been in an elementary school in 15 years, but very little has changed, it even smells the way I remember. I waited on line, proffered my ID and stepped behind the curtain into the ancient machine. One tug of the lever got me ready, with a second tug and satisfying crack my vote was cast. I left with a feeling of self satisfaction at having done my part for the great political machine.

Nothing changed, the earth didn't stand still, work is the same as always. It's very likely that very little will change no matter who is elected. But I made my choice, let my voice be heard.


Did you?


Paragon~Of~Virtue said...

It's good to know you voted by choice. Everyone needs to have their say!

In Australia, voting is compulsory once you turn 18! They fine us if we don't vote.

jacobithegreat said...

I voted early... and it's always been electronic.

yay for voting!

Anonymous said...

I voted by mail, but I dropped my ballot off at the county clerk office instead of putting it in the mail.

I really do think some things will change for the better!