August 15, 2008

A Friday Hero

A few months ago I reconnected with a girl I went to middle school with. She found me on Facebook and decided to say "hi". We weren't close in school, but us uncool kids had to stick together. So we caught up on each others lives, and of course I mentioned the blog and being gluten free.

Last weekend I got an email from her to tell me that her young son has just been diagnosed celiac and asking for any and all advice I could give.

Of course, I wrote her a very long email with as much crucial information as I could. Wooden spoons, non-stick pans, toaster contamination along with advice and a few recipes. When I got to work Monday I packed up a bunch of the extra sample products I had in my office and sent her a sizable package. (you really won't believe how many samples some of these companies send. I had chebe bread coming out my ears)

Since I'm going grain free, for an undermined length of time, I was planning some sort of give-away, but my friends need prompted me to send everything to her. I hope you all understand.

She got her package yesterday, and her email of gratitude made me feel like a hero for the day.

This is a great end to such a hectic week.

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