August 19, 2008

Breakfast Tortilla Roll-Up

Some of you maybe wondering what this egg white, flax and blueberries thing is on my menu. Eggs and blueberries together? What an odd combination.

Well, my friends, it's a great combination! I've perfected it and it tastes an awful lot like a blueberry crepe or pancake.

I've always been a little curious about crepe, and never quite able to make one myself. (I'm still working on that, by the way) And then I saw recipes for egg crepes from both Naomi and Carol. The only thing was, I want a more substantial, protein packed breakfast, like an omelet only now milk is out on the SCD.

Enter my second cultural influence: the Trainers mother. On Friday nights when none of us kids are home for dinner she'll make herself a tortilla with some left over meat and rice. In South America, at least those countries that were once Gran Columbia, a tortilla is whisked eggs cooked in a pan with meat and potatoes or vegetables and resembles an Italian fritata.

We begin to see just how universal a dish like this is. And after several days of delicious experimentation I present my own version.
Breakfast Tortilla Roll-Up

3-egg whites
1-tbsp flax meal (Blood Type O) or nut meal (SCD)
1-dash GF SCD vanilla extract
1/3 cup blueberries

•In a bowl whisk egg whites (or whole eggs if you wish), flax, vanilla and sea salt until frothy

•Heat and oil a skillet.

•Pour eggs into skillet and swirl around so the eggs are evenly distributed.

•When the eggs are cooked through spread the blueberries along one edge.

•With a metal spatula or two spoons carefully roll the tortilla from one edge.

This tortilla base could alternately be used with any type of filling, sweet or savory. I'm thinking burrito, dosa, anything you can imagine.

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