August 12, 2008

iPhone! iPhone! iPhone

I am not a person that idles well. I can't really sit still. Stare off into space? Not me!

I need fairly constant mental stimulation. I like to take action. To do SOMETHING. I will read just about anything you put in front of me. And probably knit at the same time. I keep crossword puzzles ferreted away all kinds of places. Unless, and not always then, I'm completely exhausted can I sit still and just 'chill out'

This can drive the Trainer crazy, he's a work hard and then chill out kind of guy. But then again, when he works he works a lot harder than I do.

And that is why this iPhone, this new "toy" is so worth it! I can write posts while I'm on the subway or bus and email them to myself to post ((you'll notice that they may be tagged "sent from my iPhone" at the bottom). I can do research on the bus or the elevated train. And I can read my blogs or chat with friends while the Trainer is doing research or studing on the laptop.

So: hooray for my iPhone! We will all benefit from this new gadget.

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Anonymous said...

Any recommendations for an iPhone app or iPhone friendly-website those on GF diets can use to keep track of meals or find restaurant GF info?