August 26, 2008

Lunch Time

As I've mentioned before, my job is pretty hectic. I eat lunch at my desk so that I can continue to answer the phones and buzz people into the man trap. Wether I'm eating or not, I am still responsible for answering the door and receiving packages. I get to work when my boss takes his lunch, if he takes one.

Heaven forbid I dessert my post to buy food or eat in the lunch room. Having food in my mouth does not stop my boss from barging in with questions or tasks.

So today I instituted Lunch Time. I brought a cute placemat from home and spread it out on my desk. From now on 2-3pm will be my eating and computer time. When the placemat is out I will answer the phone, door and any questions, but nothing else.

Here is my first Lunch Time with Pollo Ropa Vieja and Tomatollo Salsa.

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Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Though I wish you got a chance to leave your desk for lunch, I like your solution here! Very cute--and a good way to signify mentally and physically that you are on your lunch break.