August 29, 2008

Stay at Home Mom for a Day

Yesterday did not start out as the greatest of days. I woke up and still felt poorly. It didn't help that I was getting up earlier than usual to take Toni to the vet for the day. The plan was to drop him off before work, he'd have x-rays and come home without his cast at the end of the day. Nothing is ever that simple. Ever.

After a number of rather worrying phone calls it was determined that he would indeed come home without the cast, but the doctor is still concerned that one of the bones is not healed properly, if at all. Now we just watch him and wait and see.

On the flip side, somewhere between the phone call where the vet told me he thought Toni would lose his arm and the one where he told me the final set of x-rays showed some healing, I was informed that our office would be closed today, Friday. Neither of the head honcho's would be in, so they decided to give us an extra long holiday weekend. This means that I have an extra day to relax before preparing for my trip. And another day to stay and take care of Toni.

Last night after picking up Toni I was in need of something special. I decided to try out my new SiliconeZone backing cups and Naomi's recipe for Cocoa Butter Cupcakes. I tried to follow her English directions and used cashew butter that I got on sale near the vet's office, and they turned out beautifully. I've frozen the rest to take on my trip with me, or to have when I get back.

Now, the cupcakes were blissful, but the cute little backing cups I found at Whole Foods stole the show. They're made of food grade silicone and are non-stick, oven and dishwasher safe. I first saw them and thought they were cute but didn't think I could justify the price tag. When I got my Munch Box I thought that they would make great little compartments for vegetables or condiments, so I swung by and got them. Once I had them it was quick hop to bake with them. All I had to do was stick them in the muffin pan, fill 'er up and bake. And the muffins popped out with no problem. No more having half your muffin stuck to the paper for me!

My other new purchase was a yogurt maker. I decided that if I'm going to follow the SCD then I needed to make my own yogurt. My first batch turned out well, I had it some mixed with cinnamon baked apples for a snack yesterday and this morning I had frozen yogurt, ala The Peanut Butter Boy. I don't think my blender is as powerful as his, or perhaps my freezer is colder, either way it wasn't photo-worthy but it sure did make a great breakfast. I made mine with the fresh yogurt, 1 nectarine, 1tbsp of cashew butter and a little vanilla. Frozen yogurt for breakfast!

If this is the life of a stay at home mom, I think I could get used to it. Although I've been checking on my baby, yes Toni is my baby, feeding him and worrying about him. Later I'll go to the gym to work out with the Trainer and we'll go to Whole Foods. Then I'll have to really start getting ready for my trip.